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Job Posting

Elements Glass is looking to fill production positions in our facility supporting our work with North Drinkware.  We are an expanding hand-blown soft glass production facility that will increase its product lines.

Responsibilities could include:

Offhand glassblowing in a production hot shop depending on experience, including mold blowing

Hot popping and fire polishing of cups  

Cold glass work in our cold shop

Packaging finished glass material for shipment to our customers.

Essential requirements:
-Ability to lift 50 lbs
-Able to fulfill 8-hour shift with little to no sitting
-Must be able to mesh with the existing team of glassblowers
-Must be flexible to an ever-changing shop production environment
-Strong capacity to listen and learn
-Fine eye for finish work 
-Able to wear a respirator
-Tolerance for high temperatures
-Must be fluent in English

-Sick time and 401K plan

Preferred skills:
Hot Glass working experience preferred but not required 
Use of oxy/propane torches 
Salary dependent on experience

Please email resume for consideration to

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